Registering on the platform

Every provider that has activities in the Netherlands has received or will receive an email invitation to register on the platform. This page explains how to complete the registration. If you have not received an email and want to join the Clean Networks platform, please click here.

User password configuration

The invitation email contains a link to set the user password. The email address you should enter is the address the invitation was sent to. Below you can read how to change that email address on the platform.

Changing user email address

Once you have set a password and logged in on the platform, you can change the user email address. At the top right of the screen click on the username and choose ‘My Profile’. A screen will open in which the email address can be changed.

The user email address is only used for resetting the password and logging into the platform. If communication about the platform is sent to a different email address than the invitation to join the platform, then please contact the platform administrators.

Creating extra users

You can create extra users for the platform. To do this, click at the top of the screen on Settings and then choose Users. The button New User that appears can be used to make extra users. The Admin Role has rights to user management. The Abuse Role does not give those rights and is therefore a good role for new users of the abuse desk. Please note: you must select a Role for the new user, as otherwise this person cannot log in.

Accounts, users, brands and contacts

An account on the platform is a provider. Therefore each provider has just one account on the platform. Users are users/logins of the account on the platform. A single account can have several users on the platform. As some providers operate under several brands, you can use the Brands button to distinguish those brands from each other. Why this is useful for some providers will become apparent on the page about using the platform. Abuse notifications on are sent with an IP address stated. Each IP address or IP block has a contact linked to it.

Changing a contact

All configured IP addresses standardly have a contact linked to them, which is the same as the first user of the account. Via the Contacts button at the top of the screen and then the Edit button under this, the contact can be changed. In the new screen, the notification can be set to Mail. This will result in an email automatically being sent to this contact for new abuse/vulnerability notifications. The email address of this contact can also be changed to something more appropriate for the provider. Several contacts can be made but an IP address or IP block cannot be linked to several contacts. Shortly it will also be possible to receive notifications on an own AbuseIO installation via the Edit contact option.

Changing netblocks

Via the button Netblocks at the top of the screen, you can change previously configured blocks, configure extra netblocks and remove wrongly configured netblocks. A netblock is always linked to a contact. IP addresses can be entered by filling out the first and last address of a block or using a CIDR notation entering the subnet mask (IPv4) or prefix length (IPv6). Individual IP addresses (/32 IPv4 of /128 IPv6) can also be configured.

If after adjusting the netblocks the provider has configured more, less or other IP addresses then the platform administrators should be informed of this. They will ensure that the ranking also takes the new configuration into account.