About Clean Networks

The Clean Networks platform unites two initiatives on which various industry associations and platforms, the business community, the government and various individuals have been working for years. All those involved see the fight against abuse as a joint responsibility. Parties that join the Clean Networks platform are held to this responsibility by means of a Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct on Combating Abuse is supported by the provision of information on abuse and vulnerabilities in the networks of the providers who subscribe to the Code of Conduct on cleannetworks.net. Providers can use this information as a supplement to sources that they already consult in order to identify and solve problems in their network. The information on this platform comes from various notifiers and internet abuse researchers.

The Clean Networks platform is part of the project Abuse 2.0, and initiative of AbuseIO, ECP, trade associations DHPA, DINL and ISPConnect, the Dutch National Internet Providers Management Organization, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Ministry of Justice and Security, SIDN and many others.