A joint effort to combat abuse

From mischief to hardened online criminals: all illegal practices on the internet can be characterized as abuse. Online abuse is difficult to combat. These activities have to be hosted somewhere, but no bona fide service provider will do so. That’s why online criminals try to use covert systems to host their activities out of sight of providers or use ‘generic’ services that are easy to procure and use, such as image hosting. Whatever form abuse takes: it poses a risk or even danger to internet users and damages the reputation of the online industry.

That is why the initiators of the Clean Networks platform believe that combating abuse is a joint responsibility of all companies and organizations that are vulnerable to abuse. Nothing more and nothing less. This means that we take care of detection and reporting by a trusted notifier and thus enable providers to take appropriate action.

The role of hosting and cloud providers

Hosting and cloud providers in particular have a role to play. Research by the technical university of Delft shows that no less than 40% of online abuse is served from systems of hosting and cloud providers. On the one hand, this is disturbing. But on the other hand, it also means that we know with certainty where abuse can effectively be combated. That is why it is important that all hosting and cloud providers in the Netherlands join the Clean Networks platform. The nearly 150 participants and members of the Dutch Hosting Provider Association and industry association ISPConnect are already setting a good example: they have all joined the Clean Networks platform.

Other providers